3 drummers you should check right now!

If you are like me and watching an awesome drum video is like literal audible blueberry ice cream, then finding the next cool drummer is something to look forward to. Here is a list of 3 drummers you should check out right now!

Shariq Tucker
I watched a drummer once. The snare drum he played was basically haunted because there were so many ghost notes. That drummer was Shariq Tucker. He won the Guitar Center Drum Off in 2014¬†and has since intrigued us with his smooth drumming and wild orchestrations and seemless syncopations that are overflowing with creativity, speed and…. ghost notes. Lots of ghost notes. His style, I believe is a mix of gospel chops and jazz to create some kind of vibe that is quite frankly beauteous.
Watch this!


JP Bouvet
JP, the winner of the Guitar Center Drum Off for 2011 and the Roland V Drums World Competition has developed some really cool concepts and approaches to drumming. He is well known for organising clinics and drum camps and has a wealth of videos on the internet that will teach you a thing or two about drumming. Watch his videos and you will get inspired to take this drumming “thing” seriously. Its quite amazing how he expresses ideas in songs, solos and drum compositions. Ever heard of the single double rest theory? He came up with it! Take it from me the dude has got skills. Watch this!

Check him out on youtube here or his website here.


Sean “Chopz” Wright.
So if you like boring monotonous drumming…. this is not for you. Sean Wright is one of those guys that will quite literally get you to freeze in your steps while walking past him playing drums (or while flipping through videos on the internet, so to speak). With his solid groove, butter smooth syncopations and perfectly weirdly phrased licks and chops , you will have 3 reactions.
1. Intruigue. About the new type of sound hitting your eardrums.
2.Confusion. About how he’s phrasing it to sound so different yet so so good.
3. Disappointment. About the what you’ve been doing all this while with your life as a drummer. Sigh. #thatsHowIfeel
Watch this!

Check him out on instagram here and youtube here.

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