How to be a drummer in 5 steps!


Hello playa, so you want to be a drummer huh? Here are 5 steps to be the bonafied embodied identity that is a “drummer”


– Buy/Get a pair of sticks.

Now… you know that a farmer is not a farmer without a tractor or a hose or a shovel or some kind of farming tool that has been invented in the past. Right? …Unless… unless we are talking about some kind of internet farmer,then…. Hmmm. Well, that’s beside the point. The point is tools tools tools. A drummer needs a pair of sticks as the basic tools to express his/her craft. Some people recommend heavy sticks, others do light sticks (I’m looking at you, jazz guys!) but I believe when you are starting out, it really doesn’t matter. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine. Just get dem sticks and start grooving, playa.


– Get a set of drums 

So, it indeed goes without saying at some point in time a drummer will have to play an actual set of drums.  Of course you don’t necessarily have to own it. You can use a friend’s kit for practice sessions… Blaze all day and all night. Just don’t blame anyone when you don’t get invited to their Christmas party for playing too many “phat beats” last time. Aaaa you’ll be fine. Its all part of the journey to awesomeness! Get a set of drums to play on. Its important.


– Learn/Practice basic rudiments 

Now, drum rudiments are basic building blocks to drumming. So you would want to take them sloooowly. Yes, it is a bit tiring playing the same thing over and over again. And yes your brain will get bored and start thinking about ice cream, but stay focused and learn the rudiments as evenly and smoothly as possible. Everyone knows you earn major drummer points for rudiments. Plus wouldn’t it be fun to comment on a youtube drum video and say… “Solid single stroke roll there bruh!” So many drummer points! So so so many!


– Play something

Play something. Anything. The more you play drums, the more you will get comfortable with it. The more you get comfortable, the more your learn. The more you learn, the easier it becomes to play more cool stuff. So play drums as much as possible. Play along with songs, apply your rudiments and stuff you’ve learnt to random beats, or just make a bunch of noise (errr… I didn’t say that). Seriously, though, the more you play, the better you’d become.  Apply a few drum techniques and you’ll be well on your way to being a great drummer. And have fun…. After all its called “playing” drums


– Immerse yourself in the drumming

As student seeking to learn Spanish would literally move to Spain for a year or two to immerse himself/herself in the language and the culture, so does a playa need to immerse himself/herself in drumming. Occasionally listening to sound track and trying to pick out the drum part simply doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to immerse yourself in everything drumming. Examples are drumming YouTube videos, sound tracks, playalongs, drum covers, tutorials, songs,…. Anything and everything related to the genre of music/drumming you are interested in. It indeed should be so present in your ear so much that the feel of the music becomes second nature. Trust me, its much easier to groove when you’ve got the feel down to a science!


So there you have it. Enjoy the glorious life of being a drummer. It doesn’t hurt to get a T-shirt that says “I’m an awesome drummer” too. Let me know your favorite part of this post. Write it down in the comments.

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